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Who am I?

We often find ourselves chasing icons in the media trying our best to look and be a certain way. We think that when we look like our icons, or achieve what they’ve accomplished we will finally be accepted by society. Here we think we see humanity’s ‘purpose’: chasing what we are not - contentment is clearly out of sight. Society will always be contradicting; the popular belief is that sleeping around is just practice run but also say that you’re “cheap”. They will say “embrace your flaws” but will criticise them. Many feel that they are not good enough and far from perfect. Who are you?

Psalm* 139:13-14 says: “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvellous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.” David* writes this, showing gratitude to God who created him. 

Every creator is passionate towards his creation. God made you in your mother’s womb, He designed you in such a way so that when you look into the human anatomy you will see His very goodness and glory. However, we today take for granted this truth that enlightens us to know our worth. For you are fearfully and wonderfully madeand the apple of His eye” (Zachariah 2:8). 

The Designer has intentionally made us all different because He wants us to embrace our uniqueness, but often the reality is that we today strive to suit society’s perception of perfection. God’s goal for us is to acknowledge Him who created us. He wants to recreate His image within us so that we may resemble His beauty. 

The world will always set a standard that cannot be attained. If acquiring fame or success is what life is all about, then why do countless celebrities take their own lives? Everything is not as it seems. This world is a drug, the more you seek things that are here, the lower you will sink and the more you will need to get that ‘high’; whether it is the euphoria gained from that experience which soon becomes a distant memory. The buzz of excitement from the purchased items in the basket soon becomes just another item in the wardrobe. Those likes you gain give you affirmation that people care and acknowledge you yet, somehow you still find yourself beat down and alone. Left in your room with no genuine friendships, chasing after that acceptance that may never be gained. Looking for the ‘other half’ to make you whole, not realising that that’s only God's role. Having numerous followers but no one actually following up on you. All smiles and laughter in pictures masking the brokenness and bruises inside you. Looking the part, but deep down you are missing a part of you. Or maybe you’re simply doing your thing in life, going with the flow and settling. You may be looking for something more because of the exhaustion from your quick fixes. 

Broken and empty is what you may feel in this moment of time, but God doesn’t discard you because of how you perceive yourself – God sees you not as you are now but what you can become. He wants to pull you out of the broken and empty state that you are in. He is desiring to help you. God sees you not only as His creation but as His own child. Galatians 3:26 states For you are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.” God knows who you are, He cares for you. No matter what you have done or experienced in life. You are a child of God. Your heavenly Father wants the best for you. He loves you

As His children we need to grow; He wants to take you on a journey of transformation where with every step He will be your guide and support:God takes [you] as [you] are with the human elements in [your] character, and trains [you] for His service, if [you] will be disciplined and learn of Him. [You] are not chosen because [you] are perfect, but notwithstanding [your] imperfections, that through the knowledge and practice of the truth, through the [unmerited favour] of Christ, [you] may become transformed into His image.”*

“God has a place in His Infinite heart that only you can fill. He “needs” you for His friend. He longs for your [friendship], your love, your understanding. To Him you are precious. For this reason He made you. For this reason He died for you. For this reason He went back to heaven to prepare a place for you, leaving His parting promise, “I will come again, and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also” (John 14:3)”*

As God longs to befriend you, are you willing to accept that friendship and grow with Him to gain an insight of your worth in His eyes? 


*Psalms are a collection of sacred and inspired poems found in the Bible, written by a variety of authors that cry out to God for help and experience God bringing them relief. The name of the book summarises the content; it is a ‘book of praises’ to God which proposes a song to be sung to with stringed instruments.

*David was a King of courage and bravery. The start of his story can be found in 1 Samuel 16 and end with his death recorded in 1 Kings 2:10. David was favoured by many and in 1 Chronicles 14:17 it is recorded that he was indeed a man feared by his opposition. Despite this, he was far from perfect, but the beauty of his story is that he is labelled a man of God’s own heart. 

*Desire of Ages - Ellen G. White *Ransom and Reunion - W.D. Frazee


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