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Running On Zero

Being a Christian should be easy, right? After all, you have hope of eternal life, a family all over the globe, a Saviour who is not only your best friend but also the most powerful force of the universe.

To me, this sounds beautiful. It's a wonderful thought, but sometimes I start to question if I will ever reach the finish line – if I will end up in heaven.

Some days ago I had an experience which showed me that the finish line has nothing to do with my current situation. For the past three years I had lived in Hamburg, Germany. On this particular day I had to move to another city: my car was packed with way too much stuff, my lovely apartment was way too empty and the new location way too far away.

During the ride I recognised that I was running out of gas but as gas stations alongside the highways are ridiculously pricey, I decided to just fill up the missing litres that would bring me to my overnight accommodation. Said, done.

However after filling up the missing litres, somehow I refused to take the receipt.

When I started the car again, I saw that the level indicator didn't change. With the current level, it would be impossible to reach my next accommodation. Should I go back into the gas station? But I did not have the receipt? Should I refuel again?

I decided to drive a few miles and see if the level indicator would change eventually – but it did not.

All of a sudden I had the most interesting communication with God. With my own eyes I had seen how the gas ran through the pipeline. I knew that I filled up the tank even if my car showed me something completely different. I had to trust in what I knew I did rather than what I saw in front of my eyes.

How often do I pray in the morning for the Holy Spirit just to wonder a few hours later why my life shows failure rather than success? How often do I try to “refuel” because I actually do not believe that God had already answered my prayer? How often do I trust what I see rather than the promises of God?

After all, if you have prayed, if you have surrendered your life to God, He grants us in His Word not only eternity, but a fulfilling life. That's what we have to trust in, even if every circumstance in your life tells a different story.

So I decided on that car ride to trust in what I did. The level indicator was on zero but my car ran and ran and ran. I looked up into the stunning sunset and realised that my God is able. He is more than circumstances. He is more than fear. He is more than challenges.

This is why I want to encourage you. If your life is running on zero, if you are questioning the circumstances and even if you are redeemed, may you know that there is someone who will keep you running until you cross the finish line.


About the Author

Hello Human. My name is Sofia! Besides gluten-free chocolate cakes, sunshine and donkeys, I love spending time in nature with a Bible. You are welcome to join me (virtually).


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