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Writing has not always been a passion of mine. I struggled with English language for a long period of my life and really hated reading and writing. After some difficult periods of my life, I started writing about my experiences and trials which really helped me vent what I was going through and it was this that allowed me to grow a love for writing because I saw the power of it. It helped me cope and let out the things that were brewing within. It also helped me reflect and learn from my past. I had the privilege of attending PEACE School of Evangelism in 2019 and they incorporated a Digital Discipleship class in the course. I had the opportunity of helping write and construct pieces of writing, which really opened my eyes to the need of sharing my experiences with others of what God has done and is doing in my life. It also showed me the importance of aiding others understand Who is God through my life but ultimately to find out who God is for themselves. After talking to God and asking for guidance as to how He can use my passion for writing to help others, He led me to create I N S I G H T with my good friend Jehann who has the same passion, drive and mission. So here we are now!

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J E H A N N 
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Growing up I always had a love for writing and it always felt like it was a way that I could express myself freely. I was also one to keep diaries. So the times, at my spiritual low, where I felt like I couldn't speak my prayers, I would just write to God. A few years ago the idea of staring a blog came to mind. At the time, I was a studying English Language and had a passion to write. However, I didn't really have the confidence to start. In 2019, I was blessed to attend the PEACE Evangelism Centre which was an evangelism school. One of the classes we had there was digital discipleship. It was in those classes that I re-sparked a passion to start a blog - not one for myself but one to write about God and the experiences I've had with Him throughout my life to encourage those reading. It made me realise how you can make an impact just by utilising what you have in your hand, whether that be pen and paper or a digital device. This is when I started taking the idea of creating a blog seriously. After finishing PEACE I asked God if this was something to pursue and I asked Him to guide me to a partner for this project as well. After much prayer and consideration, God then led me to a good friend Douglas and he had the same vision and mission as me too! After a brief discussion and prayer we then started to plan and eventually started  I N S I G H T . 


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